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Tripod-mounting Baseboards

Our tripod-mounting artist's baseboards are handmade in Cornwall from high-quality, exterior-grade plywood. Each baseboard has an insert at its centre to take a standard camera tripod, which lets you mount the baseboard on a camera tripod to form an artist's easel. The standard sizes are nominally A3, A2, and A1. Each is a little oversize along both dimensions for easy attachment of watercolour paper using masking tape. These dimensions also cater for imperial sizes, which are a little smaller than the nearest 'A' size:

  • A3: up to 1/4 Imperial (approx 15" x 11")
  • A2: up to 1/2 Imperial (approx 22" x 15")
  • A1: up to Full Imperial (approx 30" x 22")

We can also produce custom baseboards if you prefer a non-standard size.

Baseboards Baseboards

Tripod not included

Note that our baseboards incorporate a natural product and so the appearance may differ in colour, grain pattern, etc. from the examples pictured.


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