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Database Services

Whether your database requirements are for a back end to an integrated workflow-management suite, a content management system for your website, a club member's register, or something in between we can help. We have experience with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle database management systems as well as accessing data from ODBC-compliant, database-driven finance packages etc. and also desktop database packages such as Access and Paradox.

No matter how small the project, we start with an initial consultation, which includes a basic data model and systems analysis. This is free of charge and intended to permit production of a project plan, which will identify the project scope, timescales, and deliverables. Unless you have a preference as to which database management system (DBMS) to use, we recommend leaving the choice of DBMS until the system requirements are properly known, i.e. after the project plan is drawn up.

Data Independence
Whenever we take on a database project, one of our goals is as far as possible to ensure data independence. That is, to ensure that your data doesn't rely on the application(s) it underpins and that data semantics are embedded in the data itself rather than within application source code. This is achieved by creating a data model independent of the final DBMS, and then implementing that data model in the chosen DBMS independent of the application(s) that use the data. In a nutshell, the data models your business (or whatever else is at the root of the application) while application modules provide an interface for data entry and reporting. Building applications this way makes it much, much easier to add functionality as business requirements change.


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