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Tripod Easel Adapter

Our tripod adapter is handmade in Cornwall from selected softwood. It has a 1/4" threaded hole at the centre to accept a standard camera tripod mounting thumbscrew and four countersunk holes at the corners through which to attach the adapter to your baseboard, pochade, etc. using the screws provided thus turning your baseboard and camera tripod into an artist's easel.

Exploded Diagram

Method 1

Exploded Diagram

Method 2

The normal method of attaching the adapter to your baseboard (method 1) requires that the baseboard be at least 10mm thick and made of a material suitable for use with woodscrews (e.g. plywood, chipboard, MDF, etc.)

If the baseboard is too thin or cannot be used with woodscrews then it may be possible to attach the baseboard to the adapter by using countersunk holes in the baseboard and screwing into the adapter (see method 2). In this case, it is recommended that you ensure the screw heads lie below the baseboard surface and also to tape over the screw heads.

Easel Adaptor

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