Technical Services


GJC Technical can provide technical services at a fixed price or at an hourly rate. In either case, the cost will depend on the size and complexity of the project. This page covers the following topics:

Initial Consultation

Whether you choose a fixed price or an hourly rate, we provide an initial consultation free of charge. At our discretion, this may be by phone, email, or in person at your premises. The initial consultation identifies in general terms:

  • project scope, time-scales, and milestones
  • delivery formats
  • hardware, software, and other resources
  • client contacts
  • estimation of costs

Project Plan

The project plan identifies the scope of work and the deliverables we will produce. For example, for a documentation project, it lists the documents to be produced, and includes a synopsis of each; for a database project, it includes a data model, workflow diagram, and brief description of each data entry form etc. We provide a draft project plan for your review, and a final copy for sign-off, which forms the basis of the contract between us. For fixed-price work, a firm price is normally given at the end of this stage.

Production of the project plan is chargeable. For fixed-price work, the price is agreed after the initial consultation and before work begins on the plan. For hourly rate work, this work is billed at the agreed rate.


Unless otherwise agreed, GJC Technical provide the computer hardware and software required to create the intellectual property deliverables. You provide access to your processes and products as required and to your subject matter experts. We normally work from our premises or mobile office. Hence you need provide no desk space except for times when we need to connect directly to your network and this cannot be accomplished remotely.


Whether the work is undertaken for a fixed price or an hourly rate, payment is normally due on delivery of the project plan, and on delivery of each deliverable. For long contracts, we may require interim payments.


Copyright is the property of GJC Technical until payment is received in full, when copyright passes to you. With your approval, GJC Technical retains the right to make limited copies of the documents and/or take screenshots for samples to present to future clients.


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