Technical Services

Website Development

Whether you want to establish a presence on the World Wide Web, publish your documentation to your intranet, or create CDs that your customers can view with a standard web browser, we can help. We can design and build anything from a simple, static site of a few pages to a database-driven web application and most things in between.

A simple, template-based website can be surprisingly inexpensive and, optionally, we can host your website and provide mail forwarding for a nominal fee.

Larger web development projects follow our normal project pattern. That is, we carry out an initial consultation free of charge. This lets us provide an initial estimate of cost, timescales etc. We then draw up a project plan, which formally defines the scope, timescales, and deliverables of the project. Implementation follows these stages of careful design and specification. Where the website is database-driven or is part of an office automation suite, the project plan also defines and specifies those elements.


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